founded by Wandolf Rau

The Rock Music Informer informs you about any kind of Rock Music

these are all

Independent DJ's and DJane's and

Independent Place Owners and

Independent Managers of Groups

which announce here in the Rock Music Informer

and inform you about their Events

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Rock News Collection - Rock Music Informer

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about the Informer
This Group is based on the Independence . We don't do Booking and we don't run a Club.
it is free for Dj's and DJane's and Place Owner and Managers of Groups. If you want to have the permission to inform about your Events you have to contact me. you are allowed to write just one notice for a DJ or Djane on an event. We don't allow any advertising here . this is just for Music, for Music related services you can make advertising in the Forum of the Informer if you like the service of the Informer. Donations are welcome